Contextual Information

hannah and jake drinking wine.jpg


Organization: Black Oak Studios

Business Goal: Attract sponsors


Target Audience


  • Family

    • Family unit, featuring two or more people. The family unit might have children. Hiring us because they want to capture a pivotal life moment with professional photography. Examples of these events include engagements, graduations, and holiday photos. 

  • Model

    • This individual models full or part time either for an agency or for their personal social media accounts. They might have their own blog or create their own form of digital content. Hiring us to take photos of them to showcase their modeling skills for their personal portfolios or social media accounts.



  • Small Business Sponsors

    • Small business owners near a tourist destination or area of the world Black Oak Studios will be visiting soon. They would be sponsoring us to create a documentary-style interview video showcasing their small business. They might also hire us to provide photography services showcasing their product or service. Local coffee shops, restaurants, or boutiques would fall into this category.

  • “Youtube” Sponsors

    • These are larger companies that already have experience working with social media content creators. They would likely sponsor a portion of a video, rather than an entire video. Examples of companies that fall into this category would be Audible, HelloFresh, or MeUndies. 


User Tasks: Watch Video, Click on “Contact us to Book!”

Explanation of Choices (In relation to how this achieves the business goals and the target audience)


  • Visuals

    • Provide a feeling of wanderlust and adventure, which appeals to BOS’s target audience that shares a love of travel with the brand. By featuring hikes and scenic drives, the video can appeal to the target audience’s emotions. 

    • Showcases BOS in a similar fashion to how a client might be showcased. Provides a clear visual example of a piece of work that BOS might create for a sponsor. In the same way the brand showcases themselves, they can showcase a sponsor. 

  • Audio

    • Much of this audio is direct from the text on the page the video is featured on. The purpose was to echo the brand’s message and story as much as possible. 


Overall Page Design

  • Text

    • The text provides an overview about the business. It supports the business objective by explaining a memorable story for users to connect to. 

    • Additionally, the text provides examples of services offered, the company’s background, and the future goals of the organization. 

  • Images

    • The images provide style examples of the brand’s work for clients and sponsors to observe. Additionally, they provide visual evidence to the claims made by the text and in the video.