Contextual Information

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Organization: Black Oak Studios

Business Goal: Direct users to the “Book a Shoot” page


Target Audience


  • Family

    • Family unit, featuring two or more people. The family unit might have children. Hiring us because they want to capture a pivotal life moment with professional photography. Examples of these events include engagements, graduations, and holiday photos. 

  • Model

    • This individual models full or part time either for an agency or for their personal social media accounts. They might have their own blog or create their own form of digital content. Hiring us to take photos of them to showcase their modeling skills for their personal portfolios or social media accounts.



  • Small Business Sponsors

    • Small business owners near a tourist destination or area of the world Black Oak Studios will be visiting soon. They would be sponsoring us to create a documentary-style interview video showcasing their small business. They might also hire us to provide photography services showcasing their product or service. Local coffee shops, restaurants, or boutiques would fall into this category.

  • “Youtube” Sponsors

    • These are larger companies that already have experience working with social media content creators. They would likely sponsor a portion of a video, rather than an entire video. Examples of companies that fall into this category would be Audible, HelloFresh, or MeUndies. 


User Tasks: Click on the “Book Now” button to be directed to the “Book a Shoot” Page. 

Explanation of Choices (In relation to how this achieves the business goals and the target audience)

  • Images

    • The purpose of the images in the portfolio pages are to provide examples of Black Oak Studios’s work. Users can look through numerous images that display the quality of work Black Oak Studios provides. 

    • Once users scroll through the examples of work, they can then click on the “Book Now” button to be directed to the scheduling page. This was included to accomplish the business goal, as it provides a clear pathway for the user once they’ve looked through the gallery. 

  • Why subpages?

    • The layout features 3 subpages for the 3 sections of photography the organization provides. This appeals to all 4 groups of intended target audience as each subpage of photography is for a different type of photography. For instance, sponsors will want to determine if BOS’s work is up to the industry standard they want. Additionally, clients will want to determine if they enjoy the editing style. At the bottom of each subpage, users have the ability to click to the next gallery, which allows them to see more.