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PNW modeling magazine cover

PNW Model Magazine

To land the  cover of PNW Model Magazine, the Black Oak Studios duo partnered with model Tyler Melson to surprise his partner Faith Herbert with a romantic waterfall photoshoot at Latourell Falls in Guy W. Talbot state park.


The falls reach an incredible height of 249 feet and attracts tourists from all over the US.


The photoshoot featured memorable moments, like Hannah hitting her head under a bridge and the couple running under the falls for a quick kiss. 

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Mex Mags

Black Oak Studios photographer Hannah Dudeck was published in Mex Mags in August 2021.


Featuring a photoshoot with Portland model Bunny Beddingfield, the ethereal theme was displayed in both the scenery and fashion.


Shot near the famous Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, the background includes stunning blue mountains and tall mossy trees native to the Pacific Northwest.

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Mex Mags cover
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